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Muncie Land Bank Takes on Blighted Properties, Hires Executive Director

MAY 16, 2020

By: Muncie Land Bank— 

Muncie, IN—The Muncie Land Bank is a 501(c)(3) organization that works to eliminate the negative effects of vacant, abandoned, and blighted properties in the City of Muncie. Blighted properties lead to the lowering of property values, uncut grass, trash dumping, high crime, and depletion of the local tax base.

In July 2016, the State of Indiana passed IC 36-7-38 into law enabling cities to establish land banks. In July 2017, the City of Muncie passed an ordinance establishing the Muncie Land Bank. The Board of Directors of the Muncie Land Bank is appointed by the Mayor, the City Council, the Delaware County Treasurer, and the Board itself. The Board functions independently from the government and other organizations.

The Muncie Land Bank has recently hired an Executive Director to manage its efforts to acquire vacant land and blighted structures for redevelopment in the City of Muncie. Glenn Vann was hired as the Executive Director on March 6, 2020, to manage the organization in its mission to acquire abandoned and blighted property, preserve it, and provide it to the public for strategic redevelopment. Glenn has a master’s degree in political science and public administration and has worked successfully in economic development, community development, neighborhood redevelopment and education for units of government, quasi-governmental organizations, and secondary and post-secondary educational institutions in the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and the great state of Indiana.

In the City of Muncie, there are approximately 2400 vacant lots, 1300 vacant structures, and 750 blighted structures. This amounts to approximately $2.3 million in lost tax revenue due to blight, vacancy, and abandonment.

Through funding and support provided by the City of Muncie, Delaware County, the Ball Brothers Foundation, the Vectren Foundation, The Community Foundation, the Muncie Redevelopment Commission, and the Ball State University Department of Urban Planning, the Muncie Land Bank has incorporated and is now preparing, via the City’s Blight Elimination Program, to acquire ten (10) blighted properties in the City of Muncie for redevelopment by the private sector and public sector entities.

The Muncie Land Bank, with support from our elected officials, neighborhood leaders, citizens, business leaders, foundations, nonprofits, sponsors, and area organizations, shall strive to eliminate the negative conditions of vacant and blighted properties in our community and neighborhoods. Thereby, continuing to make the City of Muncie a great place for family growth and business development.

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